A Contractor’s Website Says A Lot

Posted by in Blog | February 19, 2013

When researching contractor’s you might want to pay attention to their websites. Not that a website can tell all about a contractor, but nevertheless if you pay attention to a few key areas you might get some insight into how they work:

  • Does the contractor highlight his work on the site?
  • Are the contractor’s third party testimonials published to the website?
  • Is he certified or does he have some industry credentials that are highlighted on the site?
  • Most importantly – Does the contractor make it easy to get a hold of them (do they display their phone number, email or other method of contact prominently and frequently on the site? In other words, do they encourage contact? Are they responsive if you contact them through their website.  If they’re not easy to get a hold of, or if they’re not very responsive through the website, it’s highly likely that they’ll be that way if they were to work for you.

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